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About Our Company

Pop Top Heaven is a family run, licensed dealership whose mission is to promote fun and adventure by providing high quality, and Earth-friendly RVs. We are committed to providing impeccable service to our customers by creating a sales environment based on honesty, integrity, and no pressure. Pop Top Heaven is the #1 place to go for Full Camper, Weekender, Rialta, and other great Camper purchases and sales. Pop Top Heaven makes sure the buying and selling process is a smooth, reliable, and seamless transaction. Our reputation and value is unbeatable and we strive every single day to stay on top. After all, happy customers are life-long customers!

We love helping good folks from all over the country buy and sell their Campers. Some of our Campers come in on consignment directly from the original owners and some are our handpicked vehicles that have been sold directly to us. Once they are here, our job is to go from one end to the other making sure everything is inspected and repaired. Once a customer purchases a Camper from us, chooses accessories, and decides whether to opt for the optional premium reconditioning upgrade, we begin the reconditioning process.

The latest model year Eurovan Camper we offer is the Rialta, and was last manufactured in 2005, but many think our Campers are nearly new! We really feel the Rialta and other Volkswagen™ based RV's are the best small Campers ever made. You'll know if a better RV ever comes along because we will be driving and selling it. From its maneuverable size to its unprecedented fuel economy, we feel these are the finest Class B/C motor homes ever made. On top of the most thorough inspection around, to cover you for the years and miles down the road, we offer a service contract for all eligible Campers. Thank you for putting your trust in us and letting us help you into your next escape vehicle...and remember, the adventure starts here.

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