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We are one of the rare shops that specialize in all Eurovan conversions, providing a full range of repair and service. We do everything from tires to paint, body, complete reconditioning, and all mechanical repairs. Please browse through each section for information about our repair service.  Please complete the repair/reconditioning form to schedule an appointment.

All Campers:

  • Inspect ALL mechanical components, including (but not limited to) engine, transmission, suspension, and HVAC.
  • Inspect and repair ALL camping components.
  • Inspect ALL paint and body components.
  • Inspect ALL interior components, including (but not limited to) upholstery, cabinetry, carpet/flooring, etc.
  • Inspect ALL undercarriage components, including (but not limited to) tires, spare tire, and exhaust.
  • If we continued the list beyond here, it would take up 20 pages.  Basically, everything we can possibly think of.

Once our inspection is complete, we will present you with all suggested components in need of repair. You will then let us know what you'd like to do...some, or all. You will be presented with an estimate for all authorized repairs, then we begin the process.

After all mechanical repairs are complete, and it's passed our certified pre-owned inspection, any Eurovan Camper and some other makes qualify for a 12 month/12000 service contract, which may be extended up to 5 years based on year and mileage.  If your Camper is not on a Eurovan chassis, just ask if your Camper qualifies.

To put is simply:

  • Repair: To make functional by fixing or replacing a part if fixing it is not possible.
  • Recondition: To make functional by fixing or replacing a part if fixing it is not possible, and restoring its appearance to like new. For example:
    • Repainting a Camper's exterior or interior components.
    • Replacing broken or damaged, yet functional components such as vents, flooring, upholstery, etc.
    • If interested in our reconditioning service, please click here.

We can arrange for shipping of any Camper directly from your home to us. Cost rarely exceeds $1.50 per mile, and includes insurance, handling, and coordination through us.

Zero. There is no storage fee while we're working on your Camper. Storage fee only applies if you request we store it for more than 7 business days after your Camper is ready for pickup. At that point a fee of $10/day will begin until the Camper is picked up.

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