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Purchasing Process

Please browse through each section for information about our purchasing process.  You may also want to review the Premium Reconditioning Upgrade.

All Campers:

  • Inspect and repair ALL mechanical components, including (but not limited to) engine, transmission, suspension, and HVAC.
  • Inspect and repair ALL camping components.
  • Inspect ALL paint and body components.
  • Inspect ALL interior components, including (but not limited to) upholstery, cabinetry, carpet/flooring, etc.
  • Inspect and repair ALL undercarriage components, including (but not limited to) tires, spare tire, and exhaust.
  • If we continued the list beyond here, it would take up 20 pages.  Basically, everything we can possibly think of.

Premium Reconditioning Upgrade (Estimated costs is provided to you). Includes "all Campers" above, plus:

  • Inspect and repair ALL paint and body components including cosmetic defects.
  • Inspect and repair ALL interior components, including (but not limited to) any defects in upholstery, cabinetry, carpet/flooring, etc.
  • Any and ALL cosmetic issues inside and out are addressed...again, it's a long list and the Camper looks new when completed.

À la carte (Estimated costs is provided to you). Includes "all Campers" above, plus:

  • You choose what you want repaired above and beyond what's included in the "all Campers" section.

Most of our Campers are certified pre-owned. Those that are not, are ONLY excluded because our service contract provider does not offer plans for that model Camper. We can confidently say we perform inspection and repairs above and beyond any other dealer, far exceeding the requirements for certified pre-owned status, but here are the minimum requirements:

  • The first, and one of the most important requirement to sell a certified pre-owned Camper is that we are not allowed to advertise the Camper as certified if it is being sold on an AS-IS; it must include at least a limited service contract, also known as a service contract. We offer a service contract on all our certified Campers. To clarify, our buyer's guide says AS-IS, but with the stipulation that it includes an aftermarket 3 month/3000 mile service contract. It's marked AS-IS, but we purchase the service contract for the Camper because we sell them throughout North America, and it's not feasible for someone in Maine (as an example) to bring their Camper to us if something goes wrong in the first 3 months or 3000 miles.
  • The Camper's odometer must be accurate.
  • the Camper has not been repurchased under any state lemon law or the federal lemon law.
  • The Camper must not have previously sustained frame or unibody damage.
  • The title for the Camper cannot have been branded as lemon, flood damaged, junked, salvaged, rebuilt, or non-repairable.
  • The Camper cannot have previously sustained damage in a collision, fire, or flood that materially decreases its performance or safety, even if the damage has been repaired.
  • The term "certified" cannot be employed by used car dealers in a manner that is untrue or misleading.
  • California law also mandates that prior to the delivery of any certified used Camper the dealer must give the purchaser a copy of the inspection report showing which specific components of the vehicle were inspected in the certification process.

All Eurovan models include a complimentary service contract. Some other model Campers we sell are not covered by our service contract provider, so they do not include the complimentary service contract.

  • All certified pre-owned Campers include a 3 month/3000 mile limited powertrain service contract, and all qualify for a 1 year/12000 mile or more service contract.
  • They are good for miles in addition to miles at time of purchase, so if you purchase a 50,000 mile service contract, and your Camper has 40,000 miles on it now, you're covered to 90,000 miles.
  • We are the only dealer in North America who can issue AUL service contracts on Eurovans.
  • They are good at any certified mechanic in the USA and Canada.
  • They include roadside assistance:  Towing, battery jump, flat tire, and emergency fuel.
  • They include a rental car while your Eurovan is worked on.
  • More information is provided before you complete your purchase.

When filling out the purchaser form, there is an option to be added to our waiting list. This is our match maker service, and it's free. If we get in a Camper that meets your needs, we will alert you before it's listed for sale to the public, giving you first chance at purchasing it. With demand for these Campers high, and quantities low, this is a great way to find your perfect Camper with little effort.

We sell 75% of our Campers sight-unseen. For you folks shopping for a Camper from out of state, buying online or over the phone can be a new, sometimes nervous experience. We understand this and want to make your distant-purchase as easy as possible. When you have decided on a Camper, we send you photos, showing every cosmetic defect in the interior and exterior that you may want to consider if you decide to opt for our optional premium reconditioning upgrade which repairs all interior and exterior defects. We DO NOT deal in Campers with frame damage, salvaged titles, storm damage, or severe accidents. We will supply you with a CarFax. We carry nothing less than the best Campers available in the USA.

Believe it or not, it's this simple. We try to make the purchasing process as easy and stress free as possible. Use the contact us form for a complete listing of our inventory with pricing. Once you've narrowed it down to a few Campers, email or call with any questions, or to arrange creating a video of the Camper for you. Once you've decided on a Camper, Mary will complete your paperwork packet, which is sent via email, and can be printed, signed, and mailed back from the comfort of your home. Once your paperwork is signed, you will need to arrange payment in the form of a wire transfer, cash (in person), or a bank check.  All the required information for any of these methods of payment is be included in your paperwork packet. Once we've received payment, and your signed paperwork packet, we get to work, and you will be notified when your Camper is ready for pickup or transport to your door. Last, our DMV representative will process any required filings with the DMV, and in the case of California residents, file your paperwork so you don't need to lift a finger. If you are an out of state purchaser, your title will be mailed to you after any required filings with the California DMV.

You are always welcome to visit our office and view any Camper here, however if you sign a contract to purchase a Camper, submit payment for a Camper, or take delivery of a Camper in person at our Yucaipa California office, you will be subject to California state sales tax (currently 7.75%). You will receive a credit for taxes paid when you register your Camper in your home state. If you DO NOT want to pay California state sales tax, we can arrange for transport across the California border, where you may take possession of your Camper there or even delivered to your home. Remember, we can easily arrange to dispatch your Camper for transport to a licensed and insured transporter to all lower 48 states and Alaska, border entries for Canada, or to a port for delivery to Hawaii.

If you're flying in or driving a rental car to pick up your Camper, we recommend the Dynasty Suites in Redlands (800) 874-8958 (if you plan to stay overnight prior to picking up your Camper). If you're renting a car, we recommend a one-way rental from Enterprise (909) 797-4995. They have a local office 3 miles from us where you may drop off your rental. If flying in, we recommend Ontario International Airport. It's about 30 minutes from us, and has a shuttle service that comes our way every 30 minutes, or taxi and Uber services at about the same rate as the shuttle.

We hold title on every Camper we sell, but in some instances, we need to make changes to a title to correct errors. California residents will receive a 90-day temporary registration, or current plates. Out of state residents will receive the title, and a form called a REG262, which will allow you to register your Camper in your state. If you encounter any problems registering your Camper we can get what is called a "California title only" in your name. Of course, we can't do this until the Camper is purchased. When a title correction is required, or a California title only is required, receipt of your title may be delayed for up to 90 days. We do supply what is called a "trip permit" which allows you to operate your Camper until you receive your title. Since we are only licensed in California, we cannot register your Camper if you are a non-resident.

If not picking up in person, we can deliver your Camper to your home. We utilize fully insured Camper transportation companies that deliver door-to-door nationwide. Delivery time varies, but is usually no more than a few days from our dealership to your home. We will present you with an estimated delivery amount, and do our best to book your Camper for that amount.  Payment for transport is expected BEFORE the Camper departs our dealership.

Shipping rates vary by delivery location and gas or diesel prices. Delivery can be up to $1.50 per mile plus a one-time $200 fee we charge to cover our costs for arranging and coordinating transport. The $200 fee includes ALL insurance, handling, and arranging for transportation.

We do not promise a firm expected completion date. Our completion time is still delayed slightly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting logistics bottlenecks that have yet to recover. During the reconditioning process unexpected delays may occur due to any number of factors, including availability of parts, complexity of necessary repairs, availability of requested accessories, or the number of Campers ahead of yours in the queue. We promise we will complete your Camper as quickly as possible, and ask that you be patient.

Remember, we can do it fast, or we can do it right! We do not begin reconditioning prior to receiving payment. Most of our Campers are in some stage of the reconditioning process, but we must give priority to a customer who has paid for his or her Camper. Also, we sometimes must order accessories to be installed on a Camper, or perform special paint or decal application, and we can't do this until those items have been paid for.

We don't assemble some accessories sold with Campers being shipped (cargo carrier, bike rack, etc.). We do this because some items, like those mentioned here, are too large to attach to Campers that are loaded on a transport truck. We have assembled them in the past and shipped them inside the Camper, only to have them shift during shipping, damaging the interior of the Camper. Because of this, these types of accessories will be shipped inside the Camper and inside their original packaging to avoid damage.

We don't repair or replace aftermarket multi-CD changers or other aftermarket products. We do test these additions, but if they are not functional, or can't be tested, they are removed unless the customer requests they stay in the vehicle. If you opt for the optional premium reconditioning upgrade, we still do not replace Rialta decals. They are notoriously prone to damage and peeling. Unless the decals are in pristine condition, we remove them from the Rialta, and perform any required body work to prepare it for new custom decals we designed, or for pin striping. Decals must be purchased, otherwise, the Rialta will receive pin striping free of charge.

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