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Consigning Or Selling Your Camper

To view our consignment agreement, please click here. Please note that consignment agreements won't be accepted until you submit our seller form. Make sure you click "Yes" on the consignment option. We will contact you regarding your vehicle after we receive and review the form.

  • Acceptance: Remember, because we have limited space, not all Campers will be accepted for consignment.
  • Waiting List: If your Camper can't be consigned with us, we will place it in our waiting list and inform you when a space is available.
  • Match Maker: If we find someone looking for your a Camper that matches yours, we will let you know and if you're on the waiting list, you may enter into a consignment agreement to complete the sale.

This is all we do, so thousands of people come to our site wanting just one thing: A Camper like yours. If you're looking for a captive audience to advertise your Camper for sale, it doesn't get any better than this.

The correct asking price for your Camper is crucial. It's also important to be realistic, and follow our advice. Yes, we sell Campers for more than you can. This is because our Campers are reconditioned with a service contract, and if the customer opts for our optional premium reconditioning upgrade, they are repainted to look like new. You may ask whatever you like but asking price affects selling time. We require your asking price on the consignment agreement, but we will also present any offers we receive to you for approval. If your asking price is unreasonable, we will not consign your Camper.

We have a long list of people looking for a specific Camper. Sometimes, a consignment sells literally overnight. Also, it doesn't hurt that we get over 15,000 unique visitors to our website each month. We also get purchasers from all over the planet, so instead of advertising locally, you'll have access to potential purchasers from literally everywhere.

Extended service contracts are available on most Campers we sell. Eurovans are excluded from AUL's service contracts, BUT they've made an exception for us because they've visited our facility and know our reputation. Since we're able to offer a service contract on the Camper when nobody else in North America can, it makes it more appealing to purchase through us.

The only deductions from your asking price will be as follows: If we pay for transport to us, this fee will be deducted from your asking price. We will arrange and pay to have the vehicle delivered to us on a fully insured transport truck. We will perform a full inspection (over 300 points), and recommend any repairs to you for approval. All these costs will be made clear to you, so everything is transparent. All necessary repairs required to bring vehicle up to the minimum safety requirements for a vehicle sale by a dealer in the State of California must be performed. These repairs will be deducted from you're your asking price. We will provide you with a written estimate if any repairs are required.

  • Shipping: We arrange and coordinate insured shipping to our dealership, and can ship a sold Camper to literally anywhere on Earth! We can cover shipping to us, and deduct if from the sale price too.
  • Paperwork: We handle all transfer paperwork, including title, registration, and license plates (plates for California sales only).
  • Free Storage: Storage of your Camper is free while it's on consignment.

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